Ready Steady Gallop Trail and App

A huge herd of colourful Clydesdale horse sculptures painted by artists and their small foals decorated by schools has galloped into town to put Hamilton firmly back on the map.

Download the Ready Steady Gallop Trail Map (pdf)

Use the Ready Steady Gallop! app to track down the large horse sculptures and scan the QR codes to ‘find’ them and release special offers. You can even use the app to upload your pictures to Facebook and Instagram or tweet them to your friends! The app also includes a trail of 30 small horses created by local school children.

The Ready Steady Gallop App is available on the App Store and on Google PlayTM

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Explore the Ready Steady Gallop horses…

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Air and Water-L19-150

Air and Water

Artist Name: Eloise Kerr
Sponsor: Hamilton Advertiser & Trinity Mirror
Location: Newcross Shopping Centre

I considered the role of the Clydesdale horse and was inspired to create a design that conveyed the strength of character of a working horse that is outside all day facing the elements.  I linked the classical idea of the … Continue reading

Angus Chan-L9-150

Angus Chan

Artist Name: Jenny Haytch
Sponsor: Holiday Inn Express
Location: Palace Grounds Retail Park (Argos)

Over 100 years ago, Angus’ great great grandmother – a clydesdale mare – left Hamilton to work in Australia.  En route via China she met Angus’ dad – a descendant of Chinese War Horse (‘Very Handsome).  He fell for her … Continue reading

The Blazing Clydesdale-L7-150

The Blazing Clydesdale

Artist Name: James Gow
Sponsor: Hamilton BID
Location: M&D's - Scotland Theme Park

I was interested in creating a Clydesdale horse design that was lighthearted, fun and will hopefully be enjoyed by all who see it.  As I was developing my design I was exploring horse motifs and symbols.  I then realised that … Continue reading

Cadzow Clydesdale-L8-150

Cadzow Clydesdale

Artist Name: Catherine J. Bell
Sponsor: Visit Lanarkshire
Location: Strathclyde Park

The ‘Cadzow Clydesdale’ design was inspired by a love of history and the rich, yet often overlooked, heritage of  Hamilton and its surrounding area. The Cadzow Oaks, located at Chatelherault, represent 500 years of history and land use around the … Continue reading



Artist Name: Angela Nisbet
Sponsor: South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture
Location: Low Parks Museum

Cameron is inspired by Hamilton’s military history and stands in the uniform of the cameronian rifleman of 1812. He carries the bugle featured on the cameronian crest.

Carrot Crunch-L12-150

Carrot Crunch

Artist Name: Sophie Dunster
Sponsor: Banks Group
Location: Holiday Inn Roundabout

Fun, bold, lush design which hopes to inspire healthy eating and promote local produce and farmers markets.

Cosmic Dust-L16-150

Cosmic Dust

Artist Name: Jennifer Robinson
Sponsor: Hamilton BID
Location: Peacock Cross

Considering a design to describe the ‘power of creativity’ I researched nebulae.  This is where stars are born and I wanted to reflect this where the horse would stand and remind residents that they are the stars of their community.



Artist Name: Scott Naismith
Sponsor: The Kilbryde Hospice
Location: The Townhouse

The term ‘Diminuendo’ refers to Scott’s method of hard to soft rendering of foreground to background giving a sense of distance while still appreciating the 2 dimentional design qualities of the painting surface

Dukes Garden-L3-150

The Dukes Garden

Artist Name: Angela Nisbet
Sponsor: Visit Lanarkshire
Location: Chatelherault

Unfortunately The Dukes Garden is currently away at the vets. Please check back soon for updates. This design was inspired by my love of Chatelherault country park and the fond memories I have of summers spent there as a child. … Continue reading

Elemental Cydesdale-L2-150

Elemental Clydesdale

Artist Name: Vik Quickly
Sponsor: Banks Group
Location: Brandon Gate

As it is Chinese year of the horse I thought it would be fitting to have one of the Clydesdales showing the Chinese elemental cycle.  Starting with wood on tiio as it is this years element, continuing down the horse … Continue reading



Artist Name: Colin Cruthers
Sponsor: Equi's Ice Cream
Location: Dukes Street

Thinking of the wonder of many children who will visit and view this exhibition, the inspiration of this particular horse are the fondest memories I have of visits to Equi’s ice cream parlour and the wonderful treat of the classic … Continue reading

Fire & Earth-L18-150

Fire and Earth

Artist Name: Eloise Kerr
Sponsor: Hamilton BID
Location: Palace Grounds Sports Complex

I considered the role of the Clydesdale horse and was inspired to create a design that conveyed the strength of character of a working horse that is outside all day facing the elements.  I linked the classical idea of the … Continue reading


Floral and Fauna

Artist Name: Caron Runacres
Sponsor: Muckle Media
Location: Campbell Street

My design was inspired by floral dresses of the 1930s and 40s and the insects that frequently appear in the 17th Century embroidery.



Artist Name: Andrea Clare Cumming
Sponsor: Inkspot
Location: Castle Street

‘Gambit’ is a trademark doodle but on a grand scale.  The heart is a key element of the design; it introduces colour echoes ‘There’s Heart in Hamilton’, symbolises the kind – hearted nature of the Clydesdale breed and is referred … Continue reading



Artist Name: Gosia Walton
Sponsor: Senvion
Location: Castle Street/ Town Square

The horse was commissioned by Senvion, one of the leading international manufacturers of onshore and offshore wind turbines. I used a colour scheme provided on their website, deconstructed the logo as shapes as well as simple wind turbine for inspiration. … Continue reading



Sponsor: Hamilton BID
Location: St. Johns Church

This horse was designed to go with and suit our branding for this event.  We also wanted a nice colourful horse that looks inviting to come and see



Artist Name: Vik Quickly
Sponsor: Vue Cinema Hamilton
Location: Cadzow Street/ Bottom Cross

Hollywood is a tribute to the feeling that going to the cinema should bring! From the bright colours & popcorn to the flicker on the screen as the film reel changes every one of us will have a memory from … Continue reading

Horse Power

Horse Power

Artist Name: Rae Helen McCulloch
Sponsor: First Group
Location: Hamilton Bus Station

My design is based on how man relied on the Clydesdale Horse just as much as he relies on the modern day tractor in our current generation.  I decided to combine the two generations into one to remind ourselves how … Continue reading


Mary Ellen

Sponsor: M&D's
Location: Palace Towers Retail Park

A play on the horses of the merry-go-round or carousel, as an object it attempts to capture idea of ‘lifes swing’ as a declaration to celebrate life.  The etymology of carousel means ‘little battle’ suggests viewers to celebrate life, every … Continue reading

My Little Clydesdale-L20-150

My Little Clydesdale

Artist Name: Lucy Moffat
Sponsor: Nursery Times at the Park
Location: Quarry Street Bandstand

Inspired by childhood toys and influenced by ‘a question of taste’ debate, this design aims to create conversation among viewers and add some humour to the display.



Artist Name: Malky McCormak
Sponsor: Regent Shopping Centre
Location: The Regent Shopping Centre

The Regent Centre horse is a celebration of Scottishness and our people. It encompasses the national flag, the Saltire, the Lion Rampant of Scotland which is the royal banner of arms used historically by the King of Scots. It also … Continue reading



Artist Name: Helen Stephenson
Sponsor: The New Cross Centre
Location: Quarry Place Bandstand

The Clydesdale horse is famous for its strength.  Owners frequently gave their horses strong names  inspired by biblical characters, roman warriors and greek gods, such as hercules Samson and Achilles.  I am inspired by the popular horse name Spartacus, named … Continue reading

Wildlife of the Clyde Valley_L11-150

Wildlife of the Clyde Valley

Artist Name: Thomas Nisbet
Sponsor: Taylored Media
Location: Hamilton Top Cross (Quarry Street)

One of my main incentives for living in South Lanarkshire is the profusion and diversity of wildlife to be found.  For me, the Clyde Valley, is one of the most naturally beautiful places in Scotland and I never tire of … Continue reading

Willow  L17-150


Artist Name: Margaret Fraser
Sponsor: Hamilton BID
Location: Castle Street/ Town Square

Willow is inspired by my observation of a full grown Willow tree, its branches and leaves swaying in the breeze on a warm summers day, strong and indifferent to its surroundings like the Clydesdale strong, powerful yet gentle and willing.



Artist Name: Jayne Stokes
Sponsor: Sainsburys
Location: Sainsburys

My horse has been decorated with world war 1 medals.  When I read up on the history of the Clydesdale I had not realised that thousands of these horses had been conscripted for the war effort.  This horse is a … Continue reading